IBD Gelac UV Polish

The Gelac™ system has everything needed from start to finish to complete the perfect gel polish manicure. When used as a system, these products deliver long-wearing, salon perfect nails.

Gelac’s exclusive formula is the perfect viscosity of gel polish. While it provides the coverage and wearability of Soak Off Gel it has the ease of a polish to apply.

Gelac™ eliminates the frustration of chipping, smudging and cracking caused by traditional polish. It covers in two coats, cures in minutes and wears for up to two weeks!

Gelac™ can be used over enhancements or on natural nails.  It protects natural nails, leaving them healthy and strong after removal. After a quick 10 minute soak, Gelac™ Cleanser removes nail colour without drilling or filing
Perform a dry manicure then remove shine from the natural nail with a 240 grit buffing block.

On the dust free nail, apply Gelac™ Nail Prep and let dry.

Apply Gelac™ Base Coat. Cure time: 1 minute. Appearance should be grainy, NOT shiny.

Apply 2 coats of Gelac™ polish. Cure time: 2 minutes per coat.

Apply Gelac™ Top Coat. Cure time: 3 minutes

Wipe nail with Gelac™ Gel Cleanse to remove residue

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 Results